D+ blocking EMET GUI as intrusion

Hi guys.

Anytime I open Microsofts EMET, Comodo Defense+ will block EMET_GUI.exe as an intrusion for trying to access either cis.exe or cavwp.exe in memory.

I can still navigate and change EMET settings, so I’m not sure if it is really doing anything, but it is obviously worrying when security tools are bumping heads.

I have D+ set to safe mode and auto sandbox disabled. I also turned off DEP and EAF for Comodo in EMET which didn’t do anything, still sees an intrusion.

What should I do here?

Thanks for any advice!

That’s CIS self protection, it shouldn’t cause any issues. It is not related to DEP and you should let the application decide whether or not to opt in or out of DEP.