D+ and mounting disc image in Windows

Haven’t done this but am curious (apprehensive ?) as to how v.3 would
react (pending files etc.), when mounting a system partition (C:) from
within Windows, assuming all file-level security settings were preserved
when the image was initially created.

Has anyone done this ?

Thanks !

If your talking about re-imaging your partition, with an image that has cfp installed, it works, I’ve done it several times without issue.

Yes, restoring the OS image (which I always do from a bootable CD) will not cause
any problems. I was referring to mounting the image from inside Windows, possibly
with a view of copying over some files from the mounted image, say a damaged
executable. Just worried what D+ will do when it is confronted with a mounted
image. Sorry to nitpick. :slight_smile:

No worries :slight_smile: I’ve never tried. I have a problem I just go back to the last image, only take 10 minutes.