D+ and FW Alert Bug - Scrolling

Since the new version of CIS (read: CIS 3.8 ) I can not scroll down the description tab to read the rest of the description in an alert window. If I do so the whole description becomes messed up and I can not read the description anymore…

everything becomes normal when a new alert comes up or when I switch to the threathcast tab…

I post a screen shot later, does anyone also have this problem?

You mean like this?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes! that is exactly what I mean!!!

Here too!

CIS Version: *.477
OS: Vista Home Premium
Other security software: GeSWall

If I scroll up or down in the Security Considerations box in a D+ or firewall alert, this happens:


Here too, I post a gif animation:


Yes, I have this problem too.

My personal view on this issue is that this is some kind of gui bug… has to be fixed in some newer versions…

I have the same problem, I thought it was my computer >.> I was gonna call ATI and be all over somebody.

This only happens when the scroll bar is pulled down.
Does enibody else have this problem?

[attachment deleted by admin]

It has been reported numerous times here and here. I’m not sure if it has been fixed in 3.9 though. The bug was first reported in the 3.8 versions. What version of CIS are you running?


Thank’s for your quick reply adric.
I use cis 3.8.65951.477 ,av and firewall.

It’s fixed on CIS 3.9. :slight_smile:

I am very pleased to read that this has been fixed in the upcoming version of cis! When can it be downloaded?

May 12 for the Public release.

I can’t wait to download it! (:BNC)