D+ allows multiple entries for same progs ( x32) [RESOLVED]

I created set of Defence+ rules today, as well as predefined ones.
And after two hours of work, I was really surpised seeing this situation:

Yes, system, winlogon and svchost doubled and purge says all’s ok…

PS: STD,SPY,PWN,NET stands for my predef-rulesets. 15 total combinations. STD being minor(messages, monitor) and PWN major(install drivers, etc) access allowance. XXX-block this part, ???-ask.

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This is indeed a bug, but looking at your screenshot,
treating everything that starts with wu* and mu* in your system32 directory as GOD,
should be extremely simple to pinch through your CFP3, and take down your system ! :wink:

I dont see any suplicate entries. All i see is Some applications are grouped together and System is in some group and also there independently.

This is not a bug. It means “System” has additional access rights that do not exist in the group policy(STD …)

If you look at the standalone entries, you should notice the different access rights given to them.

You are right! I will correct this. Ty!

Ty! Checking that now!

Update: Thanks! Sorry for taking your time - my mistake! RESSOLVED