Cyberhawk says Comodo is keylogging?

I’m very much a newbie to everything about computers but have been using Comodo firewall for a few months with its basic settings. I had v2.3 and was unable to use the updater to 2.4, so I uninstalled 2.3 and installed 2.4 the day after the update was available (love the new animated icon, by the way (:LOV)) and all has been working great. I installed Cyberhawk about a week ago at the suggestion of a more computer-knowledgeable friend, and it seemed to be working fine until yesterday…it gave me a message saying…
“Keystrokes logged, c:\program files\comodo\firewall\cpf.exe”
I “allowed” it because of comodo firewall name, but now I am wondering what this means? This is the only alert I have ever received from Cyberhawk. Also, why does the alert say “cpf.exe” (comodo personal firewall) rather than the newer “cfp.exe” (comodo firewall pro)
Is this something I should be worried about?
Thanks for any help.
I have WinXP, Avast, Spyware Terminator w/ HIPS on, CFP and Cyberhawk. I also update and run AVG antispyware and Superantispyware free versions twice a week to check for stuff that ST doesn’t catch.


Cyberhawk has had issues in the past with Comodo Firewall and I do not know if they ever were resolved. But I can assure you that Comodo is not performing any keylogging activities.

As for cpf.exe it is possible they haven’t changed the .exe file name yet.

It should be changed to remain consistent with the new name and avoid confusion.

Thank you for your prompt reply. Whew! So then I’m probably safe leaving this on CH’s allowed list? I thought I had picked up some new weird “bug” of some sort. Someone should tell CH not to scare an old lady like that! (:LGH)

No problem, I’m sure somebody will get in touch with Cyberhawk soon ;).

I agree, maybe you should contact one of the developers here on the forums about it :slight_smile:

I PM’d egemen :slight_smile:

Great, thanks for your help :smiley:

I get alerts from Cyberhawk about keylogging when I submit a support ticket to Comodo. Seems like when I type words in the message box, suggestions for possible answers will show depending on what I typed. I guess Cyberhawk thinks the Comodo support website is logging my keystrokes.