i download like 3 yaers ago and the uninstalled it but windows still say it the and comodo say is a virus but i can’t delete it help! :cry:

Install it again and Try uninstaller tool like Revo uninstaller

Then cleaning up with Comodo System Cleaner before running Comodo scans.

Are you Malaysian ?

thanks but is still is on my computer i now say acess DENIED

^^spelling mistake i ment it

This is what I would start with

  1. I would get malwarebytes (Just so you can use “fileassassin” in malwarebytes settings)

  2. Open “My Computer” and look for “Program files” Look for Cyberdefender, then on a piece of paper write down the files for cyberdefender.

  3. Now restart the computer and go into safe mode (no networking)

  4. When in there, open “task manager” and make sure cyberdefender isn’t started

  5. Go to run and type in msconfig
    look for any cyberdefender files and delete it

  6. Go to run and type in regedit
    Click on “edit” then click on “find”. type in “cyberdefender” and delete it when it finds it. Then hit the “F3” button on the keyboard so it’ll find the next one, delete it to until it can’t find anymore. When it can’t find anymore scroll back to the top and click on “computer” when it’s highlighted Click on edit then find and find the next file that you’ve written down and continue on

Only when your done with step 6, should you then continue on to step 7
7) Now go to windows explorer and in poperties make sure you have “show all files” and show system files and such checked. click apply then ok
Now search for the files 1 by 1 that you written down and delete them all.
Any file that won’t delete, open malwarebytes and under malwarebytes settings. Run “file assassin” With fileassassin use it to find the file that won’t delete and it’ll delete it for you. If you have to restart that’s fine just go back to safe mode again and continue from where you left off

Good luck :slight_smile: