CYA Comodo :(

After 1 year of using your products I sadly have to move on to new pastures even though I wish I didn’t.

I have been using CFP 3.x for ages in combination with Avast Home without one issue on Windows Vista 64 Ultimate and Windows XP Pro before that.

I had an issue with Boclean 4.27 for about 3 months when I installed Vista 64, I have contacted Kevin who was looking into it but I haven’t heard back in about 6 weeks, it would be nice to get Boclean to work but it isn’t a show stopper.

The thing that is a show stopper is while I was looking on the forum last night to see if Kevin had updated Boclean I saw you had released CIS, yippee!!! So I uninstalled Avast, downloaded and installed it CIS, everything went well until I rebooted when I noticed that the firewall no longer works, Defense+ is fine but the firewall is no more, I get the red stop sign and the message the firewall is not functioning properly (or words to that effect).

So last night I spent 4 hours trying to fix it with uninstalls, using your “CFP 3 File+Registry Cleaner” batch file etc but to no avail, nothing seems to re-enable my firewall.

It has now got to the point where I have no more time to spend on trouble shooting this so I have searched for an alternative and someone suggested WebRoot (which is free at the moment - not sure if it will stay that way) so I downloaded and installed it and whoosh it worked first time, so I re-installed my trusty Avast home and I hope/think I am now back in business.

I have been recommending Comodo firewall to all my friends, family, colleagues but I don’t know if I still can. I would re-install it if I knew that it would work but I just don’t have the time at the moment to trouble shoot it so I will probably have a look back in 6 months to see what is happening, just wish I hadn’t installed CIS now because before that CFP was working like a charm.




Sorry to see you go! Just so you know, for your info, The red-cross icon is known and will be fixed in the future. :slight_smile: Hope to see you return when you get that fix! :slight_smile:


Thanks Josh,

I will keep a look out for the fix, where is the best place to check so I know when it has been fixed so I can try re-installing?



The best place will be right here, in Feedback board. Forum users always get the release before it’s published on the website.


Are you sure your firewall was enabled?Right click on the comodo icon,go to Firewall Security Level and make sure it is set on training or whatever.Just don’t put it as disabled

Hi avguste,

I am pretty sure it was all set up correctly but I will download the next version comodo release and try again. As I said, over 1 year without an issue (discounting the boclean one on vista 64) is pretty good but I need a firewall so had to install webroot which has been okay but will come back to comodo once this issue is resolved.


Was the fix posted on the forum? as I am having a similar problem, the work around is to exit comodo from the tray and then reload from the Start Menu Thanks Cal

I’m currently testing the latest beta and this issue hasn’t popped up yet. Fingers crossed it will stay that way when we get to a release version. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Cheers Ewan
Is there a fix other than the Beta Version?
Would you suggest loading the Beta Version and where would one get that?
Presently using Version 3.8.65951.477

Thanks a lot


If I may say,I’d not suggest installing the beta on your main system unless you’re confident and willing to deal with any random issues that may appear.Another couple of weeks wait and 3.9 final should be out hopefully.

Thanks for that, today it opened up O.K. regards Cal 88)

Friend, Comodo team is one of best to look deeply into users problems and difficulties they solve it also, i have seen it in these forums and also at times i also seen comodo crashing alot with 3.5 version of CIS, we mentioned that bug. also sent crashed dump files to comodo. etc. and see now i m using 3.9 RC2 beta version and everything is working better than before. so please keep in touch with us all. we are like comodo family and as u were long time member of family, And then YES WE CAN (together) make this best security software. :a0