CWAF Plugin On cPanel fails To restart Litespeed

I noticed this on a server last week. I disabled a rule and then when “Implementing” the page simply hangs and i start hearing alerts going off because port 80 and 443 are down. Turns out Litespeed is killed and not restarted. Yet CWAF reports a successful restart:

22/11/17 01:54:30 updater[8197] updating user exclude lists with new excludes from rules
22/11/17 01:54:30 updater[8197] nothing to update
22/11/17 01:55:22 updater[8197] successful webserver restart
22/11/17 01:55:22 updater[8197] update successful
22/11/17 01:55:22 updater[8197] update process finished!

I don’t see anything else in the server logs that really helps. Anybody else run into this or any thoughts?

when "Implementing" the page simply hangs
What do you mean "Implementing"?

Can you reproduce this issue? Why do you think it is related to CWAF? Can you share more details to us, so we would be able to reproduce at our side?