cvtres.exe (netframework) 99%

I also had a nightmare installing the .NET frameworks. I suspected Defense+ and BOClean but noch CMF. This is a serious bug and should be fixed ASAP! Or cvtres.exe should be predefined in the exclusion list as a workaround.
A normal user would think that the whole system went bonkers.

My CPU climbs at 80c degrees!
CVTRES.exe & other NET Framework components, was eating 100% of tue cpu resourses in a redundant cicling process.

Disable all comodo software and include cvtres into CMF exclusion list with same Cpu hog.

Uninstall CMF and the problem has gone!!!



Well, having similar problems, searching for clues and this thread came up in Yahoo!

I like SharpReader for RSS feeds, but it needs dotNET. I’ve removed and installed dotNET 2 but the problem persists:

cvtres.exe is using 0% CPU and 40k memory BUT csc.exe is using ~50% and SharpReader won’t start (the .exe is in memory but not showing). Sometimes a reboot will allow SR to start.

I don’t like to keep csc.exe going like this for v. long as the CPU will get warm! (it’s currently at 61C and is usually at ~35C).

One thing that was using a lot of CPU at times was .NET Runtime Optimization Service (it runs mscorsvw.exe). It is supposed to run for a short time but just kept going, so I stopped and disabled the Service.

I’d really like to know if there’s a fix for this as SharpReader is v. useful.

(Using CIS, latest version, no AV).