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Hello, I’m trying to visit a site I’ve visited many times before,, and it pops up with a message saying comodo has blocked my ability to visit this site. How do I turn this off? I want to be able to visit any site I want, and if comodo says it’s bad, give me the option to white list it so I can still visit it if I want to, or at least submit it for analysis. Help please!

Tasks->Advanced Tasks->Open Advanced Settings->Security Settings->Firewall->Website Filtering

Either disable Website Filtering or enter the site under Exclusions on the Categories tab.

Thank you. I finally found where to enter a website, and I entered it (it’s now showing up under exclusions with a green box next to it, but when I try to visit it, I still get the same pop up message:
The page is blocked by COMODO Internet Security Premium.
Any other ideas?

Try disabling Website Filtering.

Thank you. I didn’t want to disable it while I use this one site, I would rather keep the program running for any other sites while I’m online, and instead have it not block this one site. I appreciate your help, is there no way to get it to work properly without disabling it and making myself vulnerable? Perhaps I’m misunderstanding website filtering, but does turning it off mean that I’m not protected while surfing the net?

You are still protected. All the filtering does is warn you against potentially harmful sites. I find it more annoying than useful. I have mine turned off. I’m not very familiar with how to set it up. Hopefully, someone will chime in and help you with the exclusions. In the meantime, here is the page that explains the filter:

Thank you for that information! Very helpful! I’ll wait to see if someone else responds as well, but it’s comforting knowing I can turn it off and still be protected. And thanks for the link too, maybe I’ll learn about it and finally figure it out! Have a great day.

Can you try this nrmrebecca and see if it works for you :slight_smile:

  1. On the Rules tab move Allowed Sites above Blocked Sites.
  2. Try adding to the Exclusions list in Categories.

Edit: Forgot to say you may need to clear your browser cache and restart it, then try browsing to the site, hope this works for you :slight_smile:

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CutePDF is now available from

Maybe it has moved web sites and the original site is now undesirable?