Cut & Paste within event logs

I’ve been reporting False Positives both through forum & web-interface occassionally.
It would be nice if I can cut & paste information from event viewer so reporting false positive can be made easier. Because sometime I need to report FP’s on forum with explanation and getting the information fast is better.
Right now I have to export as HTML first and then C & P information from their.
Anyhow just a little request so I can contribute to raising the detection rate and accuracy…

Keep up the good work staff at Comodo!

I would like to “bump” this idea to the top for reconsideration.

Comodo v5.1x logs and “live” reports (e.g., “active connections” in the firewall) are really quite superb! The one thing they lack that keeps them from being truly wonderful is the ability to cut and paste from them for use in another application.

Example: I use “active connections” a lot to suss out which IP’s applications contact and why. It would be a huge help if I could copy an IP address from the connections list to my paste buffer so I could paste it into nslookup, or a whois lookup or whatever. My Westell modem’s firewall logger allows this, and that interface is basically a p.o.s when compared to Comodo’s! Yet I find myself forced to use the inferior Westell logs because they allow Windows cut and paste functions.