Cut & paste & Resize stupidity

Why can’t I resize the CFP window?

Why can’t I cut and paste anything useful?

This has to be one of the worse UI designs I have ever come across.

OK, this is free software, i grant you that, but I have not been very happy with it.

  1. It slows my network to a crawl (even though all my network monitors show running less than 1% of the 100mb/s connection)

  2. Can’t resize the window

  3. Can’t cut and paste

  4. Uninstalling leaves junk all over the place

  5. Don’t write logfiles in a very usable format (ie text format)

  6. In “connections” you can’t sort the columns

  7. Doesn’t appear to be a way to dump all your configuration data for easy backup or troubleshooting

And probably some other stuff I’ve forgotten about.

Sounds like you’re a bit upset nelgin. Fear not, however, version 3 is going to be released ina few hours…

??? really?. i have CAVS 2.0 uninstallation issue too. (email scanner uninstallation failed).
hey, is there any specific way to do CFP uninstallation? should i do it from start==>all program comodo==>firewall==>uninstall ? or via control panel==> add/remove program ?


Comodo Firewall Slows Internet Connection?,1178.0.html,7101.0.html

Did you get any problem during the installation or did the files still remain after a successful uninstallation?
Also, I can name many other software(like ZA and Norton) that leaves lot of files.

CFP3 have built-in feature to export Defence+ and Firewall rules.


It wasn’t files, it’s registry junk. Took about 10-15 minutes for me to get everything out of the registry.

CFP 3 is released now in case you want to try it. You can download it from


u should try ZA and Norton. its real pain dude.

wanna kno da craziest thing in world? upgrade ZA FW to ZA SS!

No, the craziest thing in the world is your spelling.

Please don’t comment how other people spell, it’ll only make you look stupid…
Not everyone have English as their native langugage.

Also, that doesn’t belong to this topic…


not dat bad.
but u stil understand it so u can reply on it, n i bet u wont understand ZA, so obviously my spelling is not da craziest thing in world!

Forum Policy

One more stupid post about how bad the other one spell, or that the other one doesn’t understand how ZA works, and I’ll have to close this topic…


I’ll save you the bother. I’ve just upgraded to 3.0 so most of the above is probably a moot point and if it’s not then I’ll repost.

Okay, hope you’ll be satisfied with CFP 3. Feel free to make a new topic if you should encounter problems.


Make it so that we can post in the v3 help forums and I might just do that.

We’re working on that. It’ll be opened for posting very soon.
Please contact me thru PM if you have further questions, instead of posting in this topic, as it’s supposted to be closed :wink: