i recently re-installed win.10…prior to installing cis, cut and paste worked fine on edge but after installing cis,cut and paste no longer work. anyone else have this problem? spell check also is not working. any fixed out there?

No problem here. Can you specify exactly how you can’t use cut and paste? And spell check works as well.

the text will highlight…but when i go to cut,highlight disappears. also, if i want to save a picture, when i right click it nothing happens

It could the website prevents right-click to prevent saving media such as pictures. Does it happen across different websites?

happens everywhere, any browser. i looked on web and problem seems pretty wide spread

Interesting. I don’t know what could cause such an issue, maybe try adding edge to the exclusions of detect shellcode injections.

i did a fresh re-install of win.10, and found out it is a update from win.10 that caused this issue and not comodo. so now i’ll have to find update and uninstall it.