Customizing appearance for Comodo Ice Dragon

I’ve been trying to get quite a few themes and even a few Personas to work with the newest Comodo Ice Dragon.
I checked it out at this url

It appears when you look at the instructions you can actually add Personas and should be able to.
I tried a few, but, the ones I tried didn’t work. :frowning:
One theme that I really liked worked very well in the previous version of CID.
This theme was Red Cats Blue flavor. It’s not available for this version of FF.
The theme choices are very limited.
I’m getting really frustrated at this point.
Was hoping I could get some help in changing the colors of the default theme so the Personas might be able to work.
Any ideas?
Any suggestions or tips would be most helpful.
I really want this browser to be my default browser.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

I just go with the limited themes that work but I am also frustrated. I think the developers should work on 15. This 14 needs to go.

Still frustrated. Personas still not working with CID ???
Was hoping that they would in the newest version of CID :frowning:

They should have. This greatly disappoints me as well!