Customize Sandboxes

When I manually sandbox an application I’m stuck with very specific rules.

Consider that Chrome will execute many many processes. Because of this I Can’t sandbox it higher than Partially Limited or the sandbox will prevent it from opening more than 10 processes.

I’d like to be able to create a custom sandbox on a per-program basis as well as a custom automatic sandbox.

I’d also like to let specific sandboxes interact with eachother. This way I can sandbox chrome AND java instead of just one or the other (if you do both and try running java in Chrome it crashes.)

This would solve a lot of the problems with the sandbox for me. Under advanced if you could say “Allow access to protected COM interfaces” and have specific things like that it would be really great.

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I would also like to see customization of sandbox.

I think the sandbox is going to have major changes and the devs are working on it. May be we can have all this implemented in CIS 6.


So far I’ve only heard that CIS 6 will have full virtualization. That is a HUUUUGE step and I can’t wait. But I haven’t heard anything else.

I’d love to see the ability to make a custom sandbox where we can stop and start particular security aspects of the sandboxes.

Letting sandboxes access each other, blacklisting/ whitelisting EXE’s in each sandbox, these are features that would help an incredible amount.

And I’d like to see us even be able to customize how many processes can run. Why is it that it’s hard-set to 10?


I like the idea…




This is in my wishlist also.

Well this wish is so old, man a poll would be great
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