customize rules for specific adress or port


I’ve just installed CPF (moved from old tiny personal firewall 2.0.15a), but I had been used to specify ip adress(es) and port(s) which is application allowed to connect, and the rest disable (or vice versa). CPF offers only either allow or deny all (later it can be somehow eddited I think)

Is this possible to define ip(s) and port(s) within CPF first asking dialog? If I answer deny and later edit application properties to ask, it does not work for me for some reson, it will not ask. So what’s the correct way?

Why I need it? In some cases I need to block only connects to update server, but leave others permitted, etc…

Several other questions:

When cpf asks for application and IP to permit or deny, it would be nice if it would make reverse lookup for the ip to see the dns of the IP. Is this possible to set up somewhere?

Is it possible to see bandwith ussage in kb/s for inbound and outbound connection separately, not only overall traffic for the application (in activity/connections)

Anyway, thank you for good work. Your firewall looks promissing, if I will get past these problems, I think it might become my favourite firewall :wink:

Nice day to all,

[quote author=testuser link=topic=2621.msg20197#msg20197 date=1158868111]Is this possible to define ip(s) and port(s) within CPF first asking dialog?

This feature is planned for a future release :). Coming from SKPF4 myself, I’m also used to defining the ip address, port, protocol, etc when prompted. Once available (unless changed), you will have an “advanced” button which will allow you to define the rule in detail.


good news, thanks :wink: