Customize "Do Protocol Analysis"

I am using ver on xp pro and I run Antivir Guard as well. Great PF! Very impressed but…
I would like to be able to send and receive ICMP pings that are larger than standard. Enabling the “Do Protocol Analysis” prohibits this.
I have tried adding a rule to “Network Control Rules”, but the buttons seem to give no response. That is the case for all the buttons for adding, editing, moving, in all the sections. Is there a setting that prevents user rule changes?
How to I finetune the “Do Protocol Analysis”? Also is there a list of exactly what the Do Protocol Analsysis checks for?


Yep. It is coming soon. You will be able to do so.

Thanks egemen
But what exaclty is coming soon? I listed several issues, is all of them coming soon? Any idea of a timeframe?




In case you haven’t already noticed, the buttons “Add”, “Edit”, “Remove”, etc. only work when CPF’s security level is set to “Custom”. I’m not sure if that’s a bug or by design.