Customised print facility like Chrome

I am using Comodo Dragon(version with Windows 7 Professional in conjunction with a Lexmark X9575 wireless printer.

I use both Chrome & Comodo Dragon and like the customised print facility in Chrome which does not make use of the built-in Windows CTRL-P print dialog.

Given the similarity between Chrome & Comodo Dragon I just wondered if it’s possible to have this customised print facility available on Comodo Dragon too as currently Comodo Dragon just calls up the usual windows print dialog.

Failing that, is there a setting or extension add-on which would give me that functionality please?

Or is my Comodo Dragon version not working properly? LOL!!

Any information would be greatly appreciated please. TIA.

You mean that window from my picture?
If yes just copy pdf.dll from Chrome folder to CD folder and put this in your CD shortcut arguments: --enable-print-preview

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Brilliant burebista, many thanks for that. Just what I needed.Have a good day.

used this trick
the preview shows up but as soon as I move my mouse it goes away so I assume the new version is not compatible with this…

Any other way to bring the print preview to Comodo Dragon?
CD starting to get on my nerves with very slow updates compared with chrome and limiting features like this

We’re eagerly awaiting an upcoming release of Dragon. Comodo has been hiring more people for CD and CID and shows a commitment to its browsers with that.

the CS is based on newer version 36 so the PDF.dll tricks works fine
but the CD is based on 33 chrome and pdf.dll does not work…

hope we get a move on CD