Customisation of "Safe" Applications [Bug] and other issues [Request]


Not sure whether the issues stated here has been reported, I am sorry if it was.


Use case: “Safe” applications has a checkbox (in “Miscellanenous”) that allow users not to display alerts for these “Safe” applications. However, one might want to customise connection for a “Safe” application by creating a rule in the “Application Monitor” and ask for alerts by using the “Ask” action. One would reasonably assume that “Rules” creation has higher priority over other options.

Problem: Currently this does not work as the CPF will not “Ask” via an alert if the above said checkbox is checked and will automatically allow the connection.

Tested on : CPF version
Test case:

  • Ensure checkbox “Do not show any alerts for applications certifiedby COMODO” under
    [Security → Advance → Miscellanenous] is checked.
  • Under Application Monitor, add a rule for say Windows Live Messenger (msnmsgr.exe), in the general tab, ensure “Ask” is selected as an Action. Protocol (both), Direction (both), Any, Any etc.
  • Click “OK”.
  • Startup the messenger and try to login.
  • No alerts.
  • Messenger logs in.


  1. I notice that none of the text shown in Details can be selected and copied. Would be nice if CPF could allow that…
  2. Would be nice if the panel seperators (for example, between the connections and the details) is adjustable.
  3. Under Activity → Connections, address and port range were used to group and reduce the size of the list, while this is a good idea for some, is it possible to have the option to list which address is connected to which port exactly?
  4. Is there any way to access this 10000 trusted application database? So I can edit an modify them. (Applications trusted by me might not be trusted by Comodo and vice versa, and it is easier to use the list of trusted application instead of writing rules for them)
  5. Would be nice to be able to edit and modify network rules for Trusted networks individually (as in rules grouped by trusted networks).

Thats all for now. Oh yeah, there is also the issue of Cisco VPN 4.8 and CPF causing BSOD on Win XP and causes reboot in Win 2k which was mentioned in another thread.

Bugs here and there, some minor (like the one in this thread), some major (BSOD!) but overall, it is a promising product and I see lots of forum activity and support which is nice. Thanks.


Thanks for the report. You might wanna submit your ‘Request’ at the CPF Wishlist Rev 3

  • Yeah, i;ve reported that already on one of my posts on the CFS wishlist


Just wanted to point out that this issue still exists in version