Custom Scan URGENT

Is there a prob with the latest 2.5 version?

I did a custom scan of a folder containing 11 malware, all of which are detected by CCE, after performing cleanup & restarting system CCE mentions all malware cleanup OK but they remains still in the folder & no malware in the quarantine?

And also, the system is XP SP3 32 Bits, Quick Repair mentions UAC disabled & I clicked repair & it was repaired successfully, but there is no UAC on XP 32 Bits, right??

Can anyone check this for me & reply plzz?

I tried with a fresh CCE download & extraction too but the same thing.

OK, the system is infected by sality virus?

Few things are not opening & few safe files are shown as malware by scanners I tried. Now I think those malware scanners will delete the infected files.

Any scanner that repairs the files & cleans the infection?

try drweb live cd

It will disinfect the infected files or delete it?

CD drive doesn’t works here. USB live CD is possible?

Can Dr Web Cureit help?

CCE disinfects sality infection or deletes it?

dr web does disinfect files. CCE deletes them. use a tool like yumi or xboot to create a bootable usb

Is this LiveUSB same as LiveCD?

Should I save the download in the above link in the USB & boot from the USB?

have a look here
Languy99 did an interesting tutorial about a bootable cd/usb program called SARDU that i used myself. It includes several programs, but i would recommend Dr.Web as suggested above.

[off topic] did u infect the system or did it get infected accidentally from a USB flash disk [off Topic]

Thanxx for your time & help.

The prob is solved.