Custom Ruleset vs Allowed Application

Which Ruleset is safer, Custom Ruleset or Allowed Application? When HIPS gives out the custom Ruleset it tends to appear as though it’s using the Allowed Application Ruleset anyways. Sorry for all of the questions, I’m fairly new to Comodo.

It’s hard to say as it really depends on what application it is being applied to and what you feel comfortable using. The safest way would be to use custom rules for each application that allows only certain actions and blocks others. Pretty much you only want to allow what is needed for an application to run properly and then block everything else.

What ruleset would that be? I’ve already set the 8 apps there as allowed applications. They’re games that I’ve downloaded from Origin and Steam.

Setting games to allowed application ruleset should be fine, custom is not a ruleset but is used to create custom rules that are not defined in the other predefined rulesets.