Custom rules directly from alert popups

Currently, when advanced users want to create a custom rule when a pop-up alert occurs, we have to accept or deny a rule that doesn’t exactly fit our needs, then go through a tedious process of finding the rule we created and edit it, going through as many as 6 steps to get there.

Since 99% of the rules I use are custom, this means for each alert I get it’ll take a good 60 seconds to configure a rule. Multiply that by the hundreds of alerts one deals with in Custom Policy/Paranoid Modes and Comodo can become unusable.

Instead, it would be advantageous for an additional option to be present in the alert pop-up. When selected it will take you to the Network Control Rule or Application System Activity Control dialog, pre-filled with the values that would be used were one to have chosen “Allow this request” + “Remember my answer” (or, alternately, “Block this request” + “Remember my answer”). The user can than tweak the rule to their needs without a lot of additional effort. Casual users could have this option turned off entirely thereby making CIS no more intimidating.

NOTE: bulgroz requested this feature in this post. I discussed it with bulgroz and we agreed, because it did not contain a poll as is recommended and a regular post can not be converted into a poll, that I should create a new request.