Custom outboud port range per program

I can use comodo to change the local random outbound port range of a program, in my case the web browsers, to a custom port range so i can know what program use determinated local port?

I have a router which i can configure his firewall to block/allow remote and local ports in determinate time of day.

My intention is to alow only web browsing, http and https. So i configured to allow only remote ports 80 and 443. But seen to have many applications which use these ports for another use, not web browsing.

I can creature rules for local ports but the windows use random ports every connection. I need to set a port range for a program to know which is in router firewall.

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Your question is not clear enough. In other words, traffic redirection?

Maybe this. Sorry for the complexity of the thing, my English it’s not very good.

When a program connects to a server, the Windows will provide a random port for him (Ephemeral port - Wikipedia).

In my router i have a list of my network computer outgoing connections which shows the local port (program Windows provided port) and remote port (internet server port).

The trouble is that i cant identify what program is using internet because he uses a random local port. If i can define a custom port range for him i can identify in router.

What I think can be done, per example: i add a rule in comodo with a custom port range (1000-1500) for google chrome, i open the chrome, he uses a random port (5000), comodo forward this port to a port that i want (1000), i see the port 1000 in my router i know then is chrome; in a new connection: chrome opens (5001) and comodo forward to (1001).

There is probably little or no benefit. It is better to define rules for applications by utilizing software firewall (not router) when you consider outgoing traffic.

Small explanation on what you are seeing :

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding.

Thanks for attention. What i want is some like this:

Firefox (localhost:33123) <-----------> Firewall (firewall:1001) <-----------> (
Chrome (localhost:33124) <-----------> Firewall(firewall:1002) <-----------> (

But seens to be inviable, i have not found a firewall software capable of this.

If there were a firewall with schedule/time based rules should be good.

There is an enhancement request :

Hope it helps.