cursor/touchpad moves uncontrollably sometimes

i just bought an HP mini 210-1000 netbook 88)

now i have this problem. at first i thought it has something to do with bricopack,so i removed brico pack but the problem still occurs.

any idea? :-La

i can just reset the touch pad & fix the issue but not sure if it’s permanent or temporary

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Did you forget to install comodo security?

due to my slow internet connection & unavailability of offline installer, i’m forced to use avast & PCtools firewall x_x

you think it’s virus?

ow, and the RESET DEVICES button didn’t permanently solve the problem 88)

btw, if i disable the touchpad & use optical mouse instead, the problem’s gone. so i think it’s the touchpad issue. you think it’s damaged? T_T

any thought :cry:

I would say you have a bad touch pad, the only thing you can try is to download the touchpad software, uninstall the old one restart and reinstall to see if that fixes it.

There’s your problem.

I’m joking (:TNG)

It might be tricky to uninstall the driver (I tried it on my work laptop) because Windows keeps reinstalling with its auto hardware detection, but you can at least update to the latest version. But judging from the date, it doesn’t look like your version is really old.

Just a thought, just in case :slight_smile:
Do you have the same options as in the images below and have you tried adjusting them ?

I had TouchPad problems when I first got my Netbook
I would be using the TouchPad then my cursor would start doing a dopey dance around the screen so I would move my hand away from the TouchPad but the dance would continue for a few more seconds. (I put this down to the high humidity factor but I could be wrong)

For me there was a combination of being in an area with high humidity (Touch Sensitivity) and accidental contact (PalmCheck) which meant I had all sorts of problems with the TouchPad until I made some adjustments.

There is no one correct setting for the TouchPad, just trial and error.

Now my TouchPad works perfectly and I haven’t used a mouse in over a year ;D

All the best, woz of oz

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duh? it’s a new laptop.
yep, i deleted/uninstalled the touchpad via system/device manager, reboot and it automatically reinstalled.

i changed the setting. thx for the info. let’s see if it works :slight_smile:

Sorry. Your definition of new might be different from ours. For example, you could have bought it from a friend (like you normally do per the forum problematic stories in the past). Though technically “used”, it’s “new” to you ;D.


anywho…my touchpad sucks 88)
it’s still non responsive. i still have to reset the device everytime the touchpad gets naughty 88)

now i’m downloading the synaptic driver here:

huh ??? first you complain it was jerking on its own, now you complain it doesn’t move at all 88)

You know what this means. It’s Hammer Time!

Maybe you have to respond in kind by being naughty yourself and touch it on the right spot ;D.

moving on its own is one kind of naughty disobedience ;D ,now it’s just non responsive, i still can move it, but it needs much much more extra effort, i think it has something to do with the palm check/sensitivity setting i did yesterday.

You know what this means. It's [url=]Hammer Time![/url] Maybe you have to respond in kind by being naughty yourself and touch it on the right spot ;D.
aaah, the hammer.... good ol time.when a thing (in this case: a hammer) is a universal problem solver

You need to finger it up real good ;D.

why couldn’t you have tested something so common before buying these things?

i did use/test this laptop a day after i bought it, and there was no problem (i was still on vacation). and then i went back home, installed brico pack, and then noticed this issue. removed the brico pack already, but didn’t solve the problem.

i think the problem’s solved now that i reinstalled the driver i took from synaptic website, still not sure though, i’ll wait til tomorrow. thx hon :-*

And you didn’t believe us about recommending the driver update. For shame.

oops,i speak to soon :-X
i was home when i post the last reply.
now i’m back at the office (got work to do), and this time the cursor gets naughty again ???

now i believe my office is haunted >_<

Windows ver and exact url that you downloaded driver?

It should be something like this (may have to replace the language & location):�

the XP/vista and 7 win32bit edition ;D

I would go to the computer’s website to download from there HP. unless they’re the same.

ow, i think you’re right. it’s different version ;D downloading now