cursor jumps while writing (outlook / word/ etc.)

Anytime I write - whether email, journal, word file, etc., the cursor jumps practically every other word. Consequently, it takes me a lot longer to write as I have to undo, fix, etc. Sometimes it jumps to send, and I don’t know…and my emails go out without being finished. This has become more and more a problem, and now, extremely frustrating. :frowning:
I’m running Vista, and using Office 2007. Any help on this would be MOST appreciated.(

Hello rehnern;

Are you on a laptop? because this seems like a hardware issue rather than a software issue, sometimes touchpads can wear and tear to the point where cursors moves/clicks/etc, or even a mouse can click on its self due to sensors or bad wiring etc etc…

Also is this just in Office 07? or Every Text-Input?

When did this begin happening?

Ever since I had office 2007 put on my computer. This happens in everything I write…including this message… jumps around…I have to regroup! Word / emails /…any format where I would write…which is just about everything! Very disturbing.