Currently using 1.0.4

Have installed 2.0 (latest) and am open to its usage but cannot find the following:

  1. How to transfer backup sets from v1 to v2 (there are too many to rebuild).
  2. How to create a backup subdirectory on each scheduled run within chosen directory with date/time as part of its name.
  3. How to choose only selected items from within User (videos for example).
  4. How to find help file, clicking on ‘help’ only opens the download page.
  1. How to keep a set number of backups and delete the oldest as a new one is added.

You can download user guide here:, it was very useful for me.

This can be done with ‘Revision No’ macro.

Use ‘Date’ and ‘time’ macros in backup step 4 (press ‘Add macro’ button)

Use inclusion filters: “.avi", ".mpg”, “*.mpeg”, etc

I’m afraid you will have to rebuild the backup sets

Thank you