"Currently Comodo Antivirus does not support switch user.."

Hello. I get the above error message when switching between users on a recent installation of CAVS build version - does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this, please? The OS is Windows Media Centre. Thanks.

This message “Currently Comodo Antivirus does not support switch user…” is given by CAVS when user switches between users. CAVS does not support switch user case curently. It may not catch viruses after switching the user. But if you log off and login in different user then it will work fine.


Thanks for the reply. What’s the plan for enabling switching between users? I would have thought that this is a fairly fundamental requirement…

We had some more priority work and hence it is left. It will be done in upcoming releases.


I’ve found this this post and thought:
If CAVS does not support switching users @WinXP it can also not support multiple user logins @Win2003.

I know you said this planned on being implemented, I was just wondering if anyone had an idea of when. Is there a roadmap somewhere that I’m missing?