Current Version Question. [RESOLVED]

Is there a way to see if the version of Comodo installed is the latest version?. I have read about people getting told there is an update available only to find on installation it is the one they already had. I got a message this morning from Comodo telling me updates were available. I am running CFP v3.0.18.309 at present.I came here to see if there was a newer version available but cannot see anything or am I just not looking in the right place?.

The reason I ask is that I had a lot of problems with an earlier version .269 I think it was but since installing v309 Comodo is back working good on my PC again and I don’t want to risk disrupting that.

[Topic Closed: If issue returns PM an online mod to open]

Click on miscellaneous. Then click about.

No. you have misunderstood my question Vettetech.

I know where to find the version which is on my PC at present. My question is where can I find out what the latest version or update is on these forums in order that I can see if the update I am being offered is indeed an update or is it a bug. Is there a quicker or easier way than going all the way to Comodo downloads?.

Go to the main page. I didn’t realize a few mouse clicks was far away.Most new releases are posted as a sticky.

You can always go here also.

Thanks again. Like you say it is only a few mouse clicks but a little notification on the CFP forum here might be simpler. :■■■■

Look under announcements.

Thanks, that’s what I was looking for.