Current update attempts fail; didn't before

Running Comodo Firewall 3.5.54375.427 under Windows XP Pro SP 3. It’s been running fine. Recently I’ve gotten many notices that “Updates are available”, and tried to download them. The download starts, but invariably freezes after a short time, before the download is complete. No error message.

Had this problem on my Dell desktop once before, but it resolved itself within a few days. The same problem had occurred on my Thinkpad laptop, but did not resolve itself. I then took the sensible advice of a Forum member to just download and install the latest version, which I did on the laptop (only). This new version was Comodo Internet Security (forget version number). Set it to operate only as a firewall, not as an antivirus program (I’m satisfied with Avira, the AV program, I already had). The new Comodo version caused many problems almost immediately, and I had to uninstall it and reinstall the old version to stop them. - Thus I’m reluctant to follow the same advice, to download & install the latest version, on my desktop.

In the course of troubleshooting the current problem I looked at the Comodo logs. I discovered that I had many entries in the Defense+ log but none at all in the initial (Alerts?) Log window display. Both Defense+ and the Firewall Security levels are set to Training Mode. The Windows Event Viewer does not show any error messages for the attempted downloads. Don’t know whether the empty Comodo log is connected to the current download problem or not.

Am logged on as Admin, and have the Windows firewall disabled.

Clues or other help will be welcome!

Hey jr4939.

Just FYI… The latest version is here .432.

Do you only have Avira & Comodo Firewall running in real time? If so, Maybe it is worth uninstalling your current Comodo Firewall, and then run Comodo Registry Cleaner. Now download and install the latest version. I used Avira & Comodo Firewall on a VM and can’t reproduce your issue.


For CIS updates, the program doing the download is a Comodo program and will not be blocked by the Defense+ or Firewall functions. You may have to tell your AV to leave the updater alone. The Comodo software has its own protection from other programs and if the AV is trying to inspect the updater, the protection may cause a freeze as the AV tries to inspect the process and the Defense+ tries to prevent it.

I really appreciate your responses! - Can’t follow up on the suggestions until tomorrow. However, I haven’t changed AV programs and Avir hasn’t interfered with downloads before, so that seems somewhat unlikely to have caused the current problem. Looks like I’ll have to try out CIS (after de-installing current version and cleaning out the registry). All fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Uninstalled Comodo Firewall, used Registry Cleaner, and installed Comodo Internet Security. Rocky installation; needed to use diagnostics to repair, and it still wouldn’t run because of errors. Since the only recourse was a reboot, I did that, and finally had what appears to be a smoothly running firewall. Fingers remain crossed, at least until the next update notice. - Thanks again for your help. - Justine