Current Network Security Status

Hi I have been using Comodo Firewall version 3 for about 6 months and am very impressed and have had remarkably few problems. I have downloaded Comodo_Firewall_Pro_3.0_User_Guide.pdf and this has been able to help me out along the way.

However I think I may have become confused in the area of Public & Private Networks somewhere along the line.

I have a private network set up that obviously allows for file sharing and a number of private networks set up that don’t.

What I don’t understand is how I check to ensure which Network Comodo thinks it is connected to and if it is allowing file sharing or not?

Sorry if I think am being a bit thick!

What OS are you using? Don’t know of a simple way to do it. But a few thoughts: All of the networks I use are untrusted (Public), so not a problem. But you would like to have Comodo verify whether your current configuration has sharing and network discovery turned on or off?-On is a Private Network, off is a Pubic Network, at least in Vista. And to have Comodo switch configurations as you log on to different networks? Tell us a little more about your configuration. What resources do these networks share? If the gateway IP/MAC will be in common with the trusted and untrusted networks, ??? If you set up your network zones by MAC address, and then trust the ones you want to share, should probably work. Or if you only connect through your own router, can probably use IP addresses. But a problem with Public networks is that a lot of them use the same gateway IP address and client IPs, and some are trusted and some or not. Another possibility is to export the Comodo configurations for your various options, and import depending on whether the network is trusted or not. So a little more on what you are trying to accomplish would be helpful.

Hi Thank you for your reply.

I have a IBM ThinkPad running XP Pro Sp3. I also use an IBM prog called Access Connections to enable me to switch networks & profiles on the fly.

I have set up various networks within Comodo and have said if I trust the computers on the network or not and used the various server/router mac addresses to identify the networks and assume as Laptop switches from network to network Comodo is stealthing the appropriate ports.

The questions arose when I could not get a network share to function and my first thought was which network does Comodo think I am attached to and is it allowing other computers to connect and I could not find anywhere in Comodo that will tell me the answer to that question.

This is now a nagging question in my head evrey time I connect to a network that I do not want to share with as I do not know how double check my current situation within Comodo.

Hopefully there is a status window I am missing somewhere.

Thanks again.

Sorry; setup sounds OK but don’t really know of a concise network status window in CFP3. Do you get a different NIC IP for each network? Comodo just follows the rules you set up based on MAC/IP addresses for the various computers. Normally you can set up a trusted network only (private), and the rest of the computers/devices will be untrusted (public). Comodo doesn’t really need to know much about the untrusted (public) networks, just block them if they are not on the trusted list (network discovery and sharing are turned off). But I am not familiar with Access Connections.