Current Korugan Roadmap and Info

Good day,

I have revisited the Korugan website and have noticed tons of changes that I am excited for. Firstly, thank you for continuing to work on this project as I still believe there is a huge need that Comodo can fill both at the business level but even more so at the home level. What I have noted is that currently KUTM is on version 1.9 but I cannot find any documentation beyond that of the 1.8. Can you show me a change log and or a road map of where we expect the product to go/develop?

Also, I am super excited to have discovered an ISO file to install from. As we speak I am spinning up a VM to test how this will install on bare metal. With the market filled with so many small sized NUC units I can easily see myself putting this product on a small MSI Cubi and replace my home PFsense install. Do you guys expect us to be able to install a Korugan setup from repositories in the future?

Lastly can we shed more light on to the licensing costs associated with Korugan. I originally reached out to the sales team about a year ago regarding the cost for a physical device and for VM based setups. What I found was that Korugan was well over priced for the type of market segment I’d deploy it at (home and SMB setups). The site says you have a simple uncomplicated licensing scheme but maybe we should consider different tiered structures or give your end consumers differing options. No home user or 5 employee business should have to drop $500 - $1000 for a security product; ZyXel offers similar items for 200 - 400 for example. Now maybe this is not your intended audience you want to be focused on but if you were to have add on packages that people can select from (say gateway antivirus scanning) you can start to aquire new customers and build your reputation for the product.

Thank you for your time and effort, especially you bulut.