Current IceDragon version not supported by html5 program

Windows XP sp3 32 bi
Windows firewall
No other active security programs (several installed)

In the normal desktop application gui IceDragon is recognized, and was recognized in the mobile html5 application till this release. I can still login.
I use the html5 application if I am on a computer other than mine, or if I want to sign in with more than one UID.

The first 2 images or the error and what the html5 application now looks like with IceDragon, the 3rd image is what it looks like with Dragon and used to with IceDragon.


This is with IceDragon set as default browser.

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It appears that the application does not support Firefox 17.0 on which the current version of IceDragon is based on. The issue will be fixed in the next release.


Thank you for researching the cause.

I am in Savannah today and Palm Coast the beginning of next week. I will post back with the results after the 13th if new release is available. Going back to cooler weather from 50-60F 70F when I leave here, to 14-30F possibly 50F when I return home.

Thank You again for your Help

The only reason you’re having problems using IceDragon and Qnext is the useragent string. IceDragon reports itself as:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:17.0) Gecko/17.0 Firefox/17.0 IceDragon/

Which is not recognised by Qnext. If you want, you can add something like User Agent Switcher and change the string to something else.

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Thank you for the suggestion.

I will wait for the update to see if the bug is fixed.

The reason I am waiting is I prefer not to have extra toolbars. I only have 2
rows above the main window and my sons PC that I am on has 4 rows and this would add another.

Also I do not use the html5 application as much as the basic desktop gui. I use the html5 mobile application on this trip, so I do not need to install the desktop app on someone elses PC and at home when I want to use 2 buddy accounts at the same time. If I had a smart phone (other than iPhone) I probably would. but just have a basic plain cell phone.

Glad to see your posts here again!

No problem, I just though I’d point out that it’s not actually a bug, it’s simply a mixture between the way Comodo have chosen to tell web sites the name of the browser being used and Qnext not recognising IceDragon in the string. By using the addon I linked to - it’s not actually a toolbar - you can choose how web sites see your browser and thus avoid problems like this.

George-Silviu Blendea Just returned from visiting relatives in Savannah Ga. and Palm Coast Fl.
Just installed the latest release of Ice Dragon and want to confirm everything is working correctly.

Now if Chrome can find out why and fix the bug I have with Dragon !

Thanks again for your time,