Curious about drag and drop

Did the concept or coding come from this browser?

And if so, can we add the function to add/remove things from the sharing/search?


The drag and drop functionality is useful and we decided to implement it for our users.

An options page for the extension will be available in one of the next releases.


It is quite handy, i am glad you guys did add it… I will be waiting for the next release :slight_smile: Thank you for your response!

Glad to hear that :-TU and I am waiting more improvement for this extension :wink:


I have been a complete idiot and deleted the Drag & Drop extension.

Where can I download it from to re-install it?

Kind regards…,

Just go Program Files>Comodo>Dragon>extensions and you can see the drag&drop.crx file. Drag it into your Comodo Dragon extensions dragon://extensions/

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Perfect, thanks.


No problem, enjoy with it :wink: