I have installed CTM on an older DELL running XP with a 10 gig had drive. Dont laugh. That is all I need for my uses. My issue is that after only 2 SNAP SHOTS after the initial installation, my FREE space is almost gone. I am using CTM because I cannot rely on SYSTEM RESTORE on working. My intention is to only use CTM if I need to and always roll back to the BASELINE. Will the lack of FREE SPACE pose an issue in any way? If yes is there a way I can DISABLE the takeing of more SNAP SHOTS so only the baseline remains always? In this way I can always roll back to a PERFECT point in time while still preserving my programs to that point. Anything installed after that point I will reload. Please be complete. Thank you. reeltoreelguy@gmail.com

That’s the second post related to CTM only taking a few screenshots. Did you defrag after you installed CTM?