There is a screen that says I need to free up space by deleteing previous snap shots. How is that done? Can I disable all snapshots from being taken in the future? In my mind the system was at its best when I installed CTM after I set up all my programs. I think all I need is one snapshot, the base line only. In that way I can restore to that point and that point only. Your help pages are not help ful. As of this writing the system is very slow. Should I restore to the baseline now? Will that free up the space the screen is asking for? I plan on useing CTM as a back up for SYSTEM RESTORE which does not always function. Is it possible that CTM itself is part of my current issue? Please tell me what and how to do it in plain language in a step format. reeltoreelguy@gmail.com

Hi rtrg,

Are there many snapshots in CTM on your system? if so, you could delete some of them by following steps:

  1. Run CTM shortcut on desktop.
  2. Unlock snapshot which you want to delete.
  3. Press “Delete all unlocked”.
    If you only need “Baseline” and would restore to baseline frequently, you can disable “Always take a snapshot of the current system before restoring system”, Please see following:
  4. Run CTM shortcut.
  5. Click “Settings” in main UI to settings dialog.
  6. Disable “Always take a snapshot of the current system before restoring system” option and save your change.