First a little background then a question. Every tower I have ever used seems to be succeptiple to the same issue, that is SYSTEM RESTORE in XP PRO suddenly and without warning stops working. Of course that is not known until it is needed. Then what? As a precaution I downloaded CTM on my secondary and back up tower, I will not know if RESTORE will work until I need it. If it fails I will use CTM. Is CTM as reliable as it appears? If I need it will it take me back to the point in time that I installed? Regardless of how much time has passed? Does the program itself remail as well as all the other programs from the install date? Will it take me back to that date whenever I use it. I do not save files so that is not a concern. My primary tower is going back to my tech friend who is going to reload the OS. I will get it back in RAW condition, only the OS which is enough to start downloading CTM plus the rest. At that point I will have a clean install and CTM and SR as well, until SR stops working again. Why I have no clue. It seems to be very fragile on every tower I have used. Does this sound like a workable plan? I hate to have to have my friend do this. $s. Is there a way to REPAIR SR or download a fresh copy from MS or a third party site? CTM is the only FREE program that is easy to use and similar to SR> Its only drawback is that it cannot go back earlier than the install date. Opinion please. reeltoreelguy@gmail.com

Hi rtrg,

  1. CTM real mode runs before windows starts. So if your windows system crashes you can use it to restore your system instead of reinstall windows system.
  2. You can take a snapshot when a new program installed. Then you can restore to this point if anything wrong and you does not need to install this program again.
    We shall be honored if CTM can help you.