CTM Won't Run after Latest CTM Update Yesterday on 3 PCs

I ran the update function of CTM on 3 computers yesterday, and after completing and restarting, none of them would run CTM. What happened? HOw do I fix this?

Well, I have the same issue now. I updated the time machine using the update button on the right corner yesterday and it said it upgraded successfully. The computer still runs but when I double click the CTM.exe, it simply does not run.
that’s why I came into this forum and saw other people having the same issue.

I think this is a bug and I am waiting for the fix to come out.

I am using win 7 64bit home premium.

Isn’t the last version the 2.6.138262.166 ?

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Thanks for your feedback! Your system is also WIN7 64?

Tech: What about your Operating System?

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Yes, I can’t launch the gui to see the version but I looked at the property of the CTM.exe and the version is this 166.

Septem, I have Windows 7 Professional 32 bits.

I have windows 7 professional - 32 bit.


I have Windows 7 (Home Premium) and I am also experiencing where CTM will not launch. Very frustrating. I have been following this thread; however, I am not seeing a fix. Is there a fix? Very much appreciated!

Thank you!