In my persistence to use CTM on my Win 7 64 bit machine I tried again on my DELL STUDIO XPS and it gave me a warning THIS TIME about RAID. I have SATA Drives on my PC and no IDE (everything is SATA) but the system reports it to be RAID (SCSI) from what I know. I have NO SCSI connections what so ever on my motherboard. I guess the SATA is now run under RAID with the newer motherboards as my ASUS does it the same way. The first time I installed it 2 weeks ago I had no such warning and I had to recover my MBR because it crashed my boot.

Is there any way around this because I love CTM and want to use it!

If not I would suggest that the Comodo Gurus start to work on getting CTM to work with SCSI/RAID systems as well, maybe a lot of the problems people have will go away and CTM will rule 88)

Just ignore the warning if it really isn’t a RAID connection.

This message warns you that CTM is not compatible with RAID.
If you do not know what is RAID and have only 1 hard disk, just ignore it and install CTM.

A RAID setup isn’t an automatic thing. You have to specifically set them up. Just plugging multiple drives into your system will not net you a RAID setup.

Thanks (ALL) but I know what RAID is as mentioned above, and ignoring the warning may crash your boot. I posted this so maybe Comodo could look in to it and maybe work on this as 1 of the BUGS in CTM. My suggestion is that CTM some day in the future will be improved.

Most computer makers are building SATA systems with no SCSI or IDE connections.
The SATA DRIVES will now run under RAID in the BIOS even though they are not SCSI drives at all.
Ignoring the warnings may cause un-bootable situations and ANGRY CUSTOMERS.

I would like to think Comodo engineers should be more interested in solving a problem instead of going around it that’s all.