CTM "Uninstalling" forever, help!

I tried to uninstall Comodo Time Machine today, but I have come across some problems…
I had gone to control panel and selected Comodo time machine to be uninstalled. The computer rebooted and took me to an uninstallation. Everything went fine and Comodo was at 4% with something (I think) that was called “Updating data”. I went away from the pc for 2 hours, but when I came back , it was still at 4%. I then restarted the pc, as it was my only option, since my G19 keynoard doesn’t work on bootup. When it had restarted it took me to the uninstallation screen again. Now it said “uninstalling” 0%. I then went away from the pc for an hour and came back. It was still at 0%. I can do nothing! I can’t try to go to “safe mode” since my G19 doesn’t work… So what do I do??? I really need help on this one. :cry:

I now managed to get another keyboard working. I pressed home with it says “uninstalling” and it gives me:
“Failed to read v-sector (1b780, 80, 76000000), errocode 400 , disknum1”
What is going on here?
If I press ignore it will come up again, if I press retry it will come up again, if I press ignore All it says:
“Too many bad sectors” and will pop up many times.

Hi, mishap ! IF you had done some reading in the forums, you should have known what to do by now !

You need to rebuild/restore your MBR ! I’m not going to repeat the procedures here. Pls. read

Good Luck