CTM stops Win7 Crashdump service loading

I have CTM running on three Win7 Pro machines. I have been trying to sort out a BSOD on one but noticed that I have no minidump being generated to use for analysis.

To cut a long story short, it’s CTM that is preventing their generation.

During startup, the Windows System Event log shows an entry to the effect that volmgr cannot load the Crash Dump service, with error 45. This stops the dumps being generated. It took me about half a day to eventually discover that Uninstalling CTM stopped the error. Reinstalling it started the error off again.

There is a grab of the system log below with two identical events that show the error. I’ve reproduced this on two of the tree machines now. They are all Win 7 Pro 64-bit fully updated.

I quite like CTM and it has rescued me a few times but it can’t use it again unless this gets fixed (hopefully)…

Yes. Reported here: https://forums.comodo.com/bug-reports-ctm/erroneus-blocking-of-memory-dump-t56770.0.html