CTM startup - necessary?

Since we all try to minimize our startup programs, is there any downside in removing Comodo Time Machine from my Windows startup folder? After all, if I knew I wanted to use CTM I could just start it up at my convenience; why start it each time I boot up if almost always I don’t plan to use it?

Thanks for your thoughts in advance.

it can’t track any changes if it is not running.


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I’ve had a similar question. For a long time I’ve stopped both CTM service and CTM startup and all my snapshots were perfect fine only by just launching CTM when I need to take/restore a snapshot.
Now I leave both running.
For me is still a mystery if I must leave CTM (service and tray) running always. ???

When you say “it can’t track any changes if it is not running”, what happens when I start up CTM - doesn’t it track changes from the last time it ran?


IMHO that is one of the great features of CTM! At least twice since December on one of those Tuesdays when MS releases numerous updates, once on an XP desktop and once on a Vista laptop (also after some software installs), the PCs were totally froze. After several forced shutdowns and attempted reboots they would not boot. I then used the CTM “Home” key feature to select a snapshot prior to the installs and I was back. If CTM startup is disabled you lose that capability.

I don’t think bromberg is refering to the CTM boot console, but to the programs and services that get started in the registries Run and RunServices keys.

No, you don’t lose. It will be there just pressing the “Home” key feature… The cursor blinding in the top of the page and the key will bring you the console. It has nothing to do with the startup items.
The problem is when CTM does NOT roll back to an old snapshot and give you a BSOD… then you’re in hot waters…

In retrospect, that does make sense!

Thanks ratchet. It’s not all the times I could say two words accordingly that makes sense :slight_smile: