CTM self-activated, hogging hard drive

This is a problem with CTM version 2.8.155286.178 on a Vista Home Premium machine. It’s not supposed to be running but it is, and it’s hogged up all of the systems resources.


I installed Comodo Time Machine at the start of the year and immediately ran into problems with it hogging resources. Eventually I found out that I couldn’t safely uninstall it but I could stop it from running.

I hadn’t had any problems with it after that other than the occasional CTM screen popping up after windows vista updates were installed. CTM seems to have fully reactivated. In the space of one day it ate up over 25 gigs of hard drive space.

How did it hog up your resources ? Pls. explain more about that… And how did you stop CTM from running ?

All I can say is that IF a program that I don’t want to have on my system, there’s no way that I would leave it there for a few months ! How did you come to the conclusion that " it’s not safe to uninstall "…

Didn’t you keep an image backup of your system before installing CTM ? If NOT, you are a very novice computer user I must say.

  1. It used up my hard drive space and a lot of the CPU
  2. I forgot the details, it was an answer someone came up with in the forums as a workaround to people who wanted to remove it but who either didn’t have luck uninstalling it (me) or had heard horror stories about uninstalling it.
  3. I have a factory image backup

Right, the reason that I sometimes ask some questions before I’d decide to further discuss a topic is that either the person posts has not provided sufficient info. or I need to convince myself (to a good percentage) that the case presented is genuine and not a “Shooter” case (see below).

If you’d disabled CTM by rebuilding MBR and could boot into Windows afterwards, then it’s safe to completely uninstall CTM in Windows console.

( Rival companies with similar products will sometimes either hire outsiders or use their own people to participate in different forums to make up ‘fictitious’ problems of rival products, and in my place we call those people doing the job “shooters” )