CTM Restoring 2 Drives


I have CTM installed, however, when I restore C: drive, CTM is restoring both C and D drives. I wanted to use D: drive for data files that change. I mounted a snapshot to take a look around, and low and behold, there is a C: drive and an “unknown1” drive mounted in each snapshot. Looking around unknown1, it is my D: drive.

Incidentally, Vista is popping up a “CTM has crashed” error everytime I mount a drive. If I ignore the error message I can access the mounted snapshots with no problems. If I say Close the App, it of course, closes the app.

When I look at the Protection Settings screen, HIDDEN and C: are marked as Protected, D: is not. How can I eliminate the D: drive in the existing snapshots, or new snapshots going forward?


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you have to reinstall CTM (I and other CTM users suggest CTM 2.9b) and during the installation you only have C marked.

Valentin N

Silly questions:

Can I re-install over the old installation, or do I need to uninstall first?
Do I lose my previous snapshots?

Thanks Valentin,

As far I remember, reinstallations are always from scratch (uninstalling the previous).

Yes, all of them, while uninstalling.