ctm questions (newbie)

Just installed this rather fascinating program :slight_smile:

A couple of questions…

Do I need to limit the number of snapshots saved somehow? I don’t see an automated option to do that, but it seems like snapshops would eat up disk space, eh?

Will snapshots be taken when computer is in sleep mode?

I’ve read some stuff about defragging… is it bad (or unadvised) to defrag the harddrive through windows when you have ctm?



You can set the life time of unblocked snapshots, i.e., when snapshots should be deleted (after “x” days).
In sleep mode, no snapshots are taken. You can also limit the snapshots to a workday period.
Do not defrag your disks. In fact you’re increasing the snapshots size and it won’t help in anyway. Use the internal CTM defragmentation tool.

Thank you very much.

You say " Use the internal CTM defragmentation tool ".

I see where I can defrag the snapshots from within ctm. Is there a way to defrag the entire disk from ctm? I don’t see that. It does say that (c:) is ‘protected’, does that mean protected from defraging or something else?

Thank you again for your help, this seems to be an important thing but I don’t quite understand it,


“Protected” means “Protected from unwanted, permanent disk changes.”
and CTM defrag function only defraggs snapshot, AFAIK.
if you want a entire defragmentation uninstall CTM, defrag your disk, and reinstall CTM again.
have a nice day ;D

Defrag the snapshots is defrag the disk (in the extent it could be defragmented by CTM).