CTM provokes chkdsk and destroys important system files and/or registry settings

I have installed CTM on two different computers: One with Win XP and the other running Win7 Ultimate (both 32bit). On both machines the regular (re)indexing of files through CTM at startup provokes as following step the automatically execution of chkdsk, which then can’t be stopped manually. In addition the installation of CTM destroys important system files and/or registry settings for MS Office 2003 SP3.

Other backup and imaging products (Acronis True Image, Disk Image, Paragon Drive Backup) work fine. On both machines I had to restore the images of the system partitions and the MBR-backups in order to get the computers back to running without problems. There must be a fundamental bug in CTM for Windows.

yes, i am waiting a new version


I have the same problem on my notebook using Windows XP Prof. During the boot process, CTM is always (re)indexing files which causes a forced chkdsk on my drive D (NTFS). Even after uninstalling CTM, Windows has always forced a chkdisk on drvie D after booting. This problem has never occured before on this notebook. Just a manual execution of “CHKDSK D: /F” (no problems have been found) has fixed the situation now.


Would you tell me something more about your harddisk and other securiry software?

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Hi,i have the same problem too Comodo Time Machine totaly mashup my system i have to reinstall my laptop.too bad :cry:

hi, jamesclinton

Would you tell me detailed reproduce steps of your problem? What operation caused the problem and your PC’s harddisk and OS infomation. Thank you for your feedback!

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I have windows 7 home premium 32bit, on sony vaio VGN-NW21Z/T,harddisk is samsung hm500ji,i dont know what happen all i know was after installing CTM i restarted my laptop and CTM keep asking to press HOMEKEY but after pressing HOMEKEY my laptop keep rebooting and asking for the same thing over and over again,my laptop could not load windows,so i have to rebuild my laptop from my recovery disk. TOO BAD!!! ???

Comodo Staff,
Possible nature of problem was mentioned during beta times of CTM:

Also see other posts by carfal.

He talks about “when PC crashes and you reboot”. I have another example when chkdsk is forced: if NTFS partition was mounted with read-write access when Windows (and CTM of course) was offline. For example, booting from WAIK 2.0/WAIK 7 LiveCD.

Read/write access to a NTFS partition from an OS that do not have CTM installed is likely to cause data-corruption and/or data-loss.
It looks like that even booting from an OS (eg LiveCDs WinPE, linux, Mac Os etc.) that do not have CTM installed is explicitly discouraged.

If you have a dual or multi-boot system, install CTM on all operating systems that you plan to use (boot into).

Do not boot your system with an operating system that does not have CTM installed.