CTM Post Insulation Problem

I have installed CTM on my Windows 7 64k O/S.
On initial reboot, the DOS portion of the program installs successfully and after the initial boot up I am taken to the DOS Panel entry level time out, where I choose not to enter the panel.
HOWEVER, upon time out, the Windows 7 logo appears BUT, instead of continuing its loading, it again reboots!
This process is a continuous loop ie booting to Panel option, rebooting, rebooting to Panel option.
Consequently, I had to enter the DOS CTM Panel and opt for UNINSTALL.
Any ideas guys?
(None of the other equivalent softwares, rollbackRX, EAZ-fix or PCTimeMachine give this problem on my current configuration.)

Well, that’s just a bug in CTM. What idea can change it fi the other products run ok?

Same thing with me but on windows xp!

I’m a bit annoyed with Comodo support.
Instead of trying to solve this problem for me, I am told to place my query on this forum.
What happens?
I think all of you should be very careful with this product!
We have an old saying in UK…“If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!”
So…what do you get from Comodo, when you pay nothing?
Something not much better than a commode!

I’m sorry to see u’r so disappointed, but there’s really nothing could be done in your case by mods or any other forum member. I say that as I’m an ex-programmer and hopefully see the back side of the process. The program iitself needs to be fixed and this can be done only by a programmer. The mods could answer of course but wouldn’t help. I’d suppose we understand the risk degree with the Comodo products and Any Other piece of software on the market. You just take a look at the “Wondershare Time Shuttle”, the exact analog of CTM. Any developer can make a mistake, but to take 40 bucks for a program that doesn’t work at all…!? There’s a saying in the programmer’s world - "There’s no program in the world without a single bug!'. I hope you understand that’s just a joke. :slight_smile:

Thanks Apach.

I thank you for a good reply and I look forward to a future version that will work on my configuration.

Well! Well! Well! (Not just three holes in the ground!)
I must report that on my system (above) I tried the new “xxxxx.157” version.
All installation attempts, I right-clicked and opened with “administrator”.
The first two attempts installed, rebooted and then Windows took away the programme!
!Ok", I thought. "I’ll disengage Protection Mode in Spyware Doctor!
Guess what?
CTM installed correctly and appears to be working…!
I suppose the lesson is to look for Spyware and/or Virus programmes that might hate it and put them on the Naughty Step until CTM is installed.
Best wishes…and…happy snapping!