CTM - Partitioning a non-protected partition

Hello there!

I’m a CTM user but recently stumbled upon this little problem i suppose. Please consider this senario.

My current HDD0 partition
100MB - Windows 7 boot partition (primary)
50GB - Drive C (primary)
200GB - Drive D (logical)
25GB - Drive E (logical)

Installation Procedure:

  1. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate in Drive C
  2. I Installed CTM which is only protecting Drive C
  3. I resize Drive E to create an un-allocated partition of 11GB
  4. I attempted to install linuxmint to make it dualboot

My problem is in #4 I cannot see the un-allocated partition(11GB) but when I check it in
Windows disk management the un-allocated partition is there.

In my #2 installation I only checked Drive C to be protected by CTM

How will I solve this problem? Is there something like a “thaw” which will disable CTM temporarily to allow me to create partition?

Please enlighten me. Many thanks.

Please, do not change any partition while using CTM!
You can deeply lose data. I strongly recommend you uninstall CTM, make the changes, install it back.

Thank you very much