CTM mistaken reports 0mb of free space

My spyware scanners were stalling and/or crashing, so I did a reboot. On reboot, CTM gave me an error message saying that I was low on disk space and that I should delete snapshots and reallocate memory. This is a new computer. I’ve only had it six weeks. I have 195G of free space on my hard drive. Do I have to allocate memory specifically for the CTM? And if so, how do I do that?

I had over 40 snapshots and now I have 16 and they account for 67.5G. I could delete some or all of the rest, but if it can’t recognize the ones I’ve already deleted it doesn’t seem to me that deleting any others will make a difference. It shouldn’t matter anyway since I have almost three times as much free space as is currently occupied by snapshots. After I deleted each one a message box would tell me there wasn’t enough memory to do a defrag. I get the same message when I try the “Compact” button on the Protection Settings page of the Settings tab. I thought everything might shake out on reboot, but it doesn’t. Meanwhile, the system crashes every time I try open Firefox. Answers?

The question is how much of this free space is used to snapshots.
Windows can only see the free space of the actual snapshot. CTM reports this space minus the space used by the snapshots.

Compact the snapshots within CTM (Advanced > Settings > Protection Settings).
Maybe you should “Reset the baseline” to delete the snapshots and recover the free space.

But, indeed, if you have 195Gb of free space and used only 67,5Gb for the snapshots… I can’t understand what is happening.

If CTM reports the free space minus the space used by the snapshots, that still leaves me with well over 100GB of free space. In addition to that, I’ve deleted over half of my snapshots already and CTM doesn’t give me any credit. What would be the point of resetting the baseline to recover free space when I already have plenty of free space? I did a disk analysis, and my C drive is 86% empty. Does CTM have a separate and unique space allocation?

I know that. That is the weird situation.

My personal experience and (right now) the poor management of disk space from CTM. They need to improve this. Disk could be full and you’ll be in danger (even to boot). They need to take a look on it.

For Windows. Not considering the snapshots that can only be “seen” by CTM.

No, the free space is used for the snapshots.