CTM killed the boot drive (RAID)

I just instaled CTM on a Dell Poweredge Server with a 2 disk RAID setup (mirrored), and running Windows Server 2003 SBS.

It ran the application from the desktop, then rebooted, chose Setup from a boot menu or something.
it seemed to hang on 82%, there was 4 or 5 sets of 5 digits across top of window, and i pressed enter after a while, then it seemed to finish.

Upon rebooting it can no longer find a boot device. I have no idea what to do from here, and this is an essential server. I cant sleep tonight until i get this running again.

Does CTM screw up a RAID1 setup?

AFAIK, CTM is not compatible with RAID disk arrays.

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Thank you, but i never saw that POP up message.

Finally was about to boot into recovery console, this was a drama due to no floppy drive But Dell helped with an emulator.

The partitions are gone and I am devastated.

I tried to install CTM on a new Gateway DX4822-01 and got the warning about “RAID controller is detected”. As far as I know the PC has only one hard drive which is a 1TB drive. As long as there is only 1 drive is there any risk in choosing “Yes” to install it?


Hi, I don’t have personal experience in this type of install, but I have read somewhere of users having successful installs by choosing ‘yes’.Maybe someone will confirm for sure.
EDIT:I did find this in the beta corner https://forums.comodo.com/beta-corner-ctm/a-raid-controller-is-detected-t46811.0.html
hope this helps
BTW, good job with the terabyte tutorials.

I clicked yes and it installed and then I rebooted my computer and the red box with the progress bar started to move and my machine crashed. Had to use an image from acronis on my external hard drive and boot from the rescue CD to get my computer back to normal. You probably set up for raid in your Bios, you need to check that. That’s a whole other story getting it changed from Raid to AHCI.