CTM is not for protection


i heard that comodo ctm is an easy utility for saving my computer ,

let me explain you before using ctm i hah a 16 year experience of working with computer and i had not lost 1 bit of my data in these years ,

and your company software stole about 1 GIG of my email backups that i can’t restore in anyway

i can explain you ,

one night before the power off i changed the location of some email backups and after that ctm is not working , windows is not working and goes to blue screen , i started my computer with hiren boot tool and hiren diactivated the comodo so my computer is alive but the data is lost and i have not any access to snapshots via windows or startup console ,

so if you think this product is for protecting your data you are in a wrong way

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There is one well-known “Commercial” line ______ " Don’t leave home without it ! "

And for me it changed to " Don’t leave my Computer on without it ! " (with respect to CTM)
Some months ago I started using CTM on my system, first installed on a single HDD single system (Win XP), then on a 2 HDD dual-boot system (WinXP and Win7), and 2.9b has not produced one single incident for me !

Install/uninstall/reinstall and rollbacks all have worked fine. Uninstallation is like a breeze, rollbacks all take less than 5 mins (6 mins for dual-boot system). Though CTM is very versatile and useful for almost any computer users, as I’ve said before the last defence is always a regular system-image backup done with CTM uninstalled.

Update: rollbacks on my dual-boot system take anywhere from 6 - 10mins depending on the size of the snapshot !